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António Sousa e Silva
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With 7 years of experience as a manager in a multinational auditing and consulting firm (KPMG), António has had the opportunity to lead, advise and implement the best operational and financial practices in a wide range of industrial services and companies.

With 9 years of practice as CFO and CEO in service and industry companies, he became responsible for finances, sales and production at leading companies, where he consistently enhances their operational and financial performance, and establishes and implements business strategies.

His passion for continuous learning and improvement has enabled him to gain commercial and multicultural experience in managing complex operations and projects, contributing towards the permanent growth and development of organisations.

António is known for his energy and positivity and believes he can always be part of the solution, recognising the importance of the journey, while always keeping the ultimate goal and company objectives in sight.

He claims to be an experienced operational and financial leader, with a history of results and efficient and innovative solutions for complex challenges, maintaining high quality as a premise and achieving breakthrough results.

Able to leverage both his creative and analytical background, António achieves positive results when confronted with scalability problems or strategic initiatives. He not only believes in technological innovation, but also in the innovation of business models in order to create value.

For him, life should be enjoyed as much as possible, and with a positive attitude. 'Nothing is impossible if we put all our effort and energy into projects we believe in.'

Nationality: Portuguese
Languages: Portuguese, English

Academic Background

Executive MBA | Porto Business Schooll

Degree in Economics | University of Porto

Top Strengths

Team Player
Problem Solver
Focus on Results


2016 - (…)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Barbosa World Brass, S.A. (ASBW)
2014 - 2016
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 2 Powervia, S.A. -Transportes Gonçalo, S.A. - Powervia España S.L.
2010 - 2014
Chief Finantial Officer (CFO) - Transportes Gonçalo, S.A. - Powervia España S.L. - Powervia Moçambique, Lda
2003 - 2010
KPMG Portugal - Manager, Senior Assistant