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David Pereira Leite
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David has been a Scout since he was 8 years old and his dream is to become CEO of a company in the area of industry.

He's a dedicated person, passionate about his work. He enjoys leading teams and inspiring others to achieve their maximum performance. He believes in continuous improvement and the role it plays in organisations. Therefore, his main ambition is process perfection.

He began his adventure in the world of work in 2012, in a consulting company in Aveiro. There, he worked with several companies operating in the area of quality and safety systems in the centre and northern regions. In 2015, he decided to return to Porto to work in a different industry.

Late in 2015, having received an excellent proposal, he returned to the industrial sector. However, he did not identify with the company's values and transferred to the technological area at Controlar, where he worked as operation manager.

In 2018, he had the opportunity to lead the merger of Parsec, a company acquired by Controlar, becoming CEO of Parsec during the merger, until June of 2019.
Nationality: Portuguese
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish
+ 351 914150296

Academic Background

Executive MBA | Porto Business School

Master Integrated Management of Quality, Environment and Safety | Escola Superior de T. de Gestão de Felgueiras

Degree Environmental Health | Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde do Porto

Future Professional Interests

Industrial Management and Continuous Process Improvement

Top Strengths

Team Leader
Passioned about Work

Likes & Curiosities

Spending time with Family


Adventure & Nature


2016 - (...)
LEAN Leader - CONTROLAR - Innovating Industry Machine Safety Mannager
2015 - 2016
Quality Safety and Environmental Manager - Marcelo Peixoto & Irmão - Industria De Serralharia, S.A
2015 - 2015
Quality Safety and Environmental Manager, Facility Services - Euromex
2012 - 2015
Health and Safety Executive - Albermedhis, Lda