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Tiago Maia
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Tiago Maia believes that he is a work-focused professional, and this is how he transmits his willpower and determination. He considers himself to be a persistent and optimistic person and highlights that these characteristics can make a difference in the life of those that surround him. The manager also states that he sees obstacles as his main source of motivation to keep improving, day after day.

In terms of professional training, Tiago has a Master's in Management from the Católica Porto Business School. He has a degree and Master's in Physical Education and Sport, and has done a professional course dedicated to education, politics and sport. He has held several positions as a volunteer in these areas. And so many more in politics. He was Chief of Staff to the Mayor’s Office at the Matosinhos City Council and City Councillor of Sport and Environment at the Matosinhos City Council.

He currently works as Executive Administrator at the municipal company MatosinhosHabit, wich is the company responsible for responding to the needs of the present and for defining the municipality's housing policy strategy for the decade. Has more than 60 employees and a budget management that exceeds 20M€. Every day he is challenged to find quick and effective responses to various requests, in different areas of intervention, ranging from construction services, rehabilitation, through human resources to social interventions or financial decisions.
Nationality: Portuguese
Languages: Portuguese, English
+351 933547607

Academic Background

Executive MBA | Porto Business School

Master in Management | Católica Porto Business School

Master in Physical Education and Sport | Instituto Superior da Maia

Future Professional Interests

Intercities Administration

Project Management

Top Strengths

Conflict Management
Energy & Dynamism
Impact & Influence

Likes & Curiosities

Spending Time with Family & Friends

Read (Management and Leadership, Productivity and Time Management)

Watching Series or Movies

Watch the Sunset


2017 - (...)
Executive Administrator - MatosinhosHabit, Municipal Housing Company
2017 - (...)
City Councillor of Sport and Environment - Matosinhos City Council
2013 - 2017
Chief of Staff to the Mayor’s Office - Matosinhos City Council
2010 - 2013
Deputy in the Mayor’s Office - Matosinhos City Council